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Numerical simulation of bedload sediment transport with the ability to model wet/dry interfaces using an augmented Riemann solverJournal of HydroinformaticsMina Barzgaran, Hossein Mahdizadeh and Soroosh Sharifi
Two-Objective Optimization of Aerodynamic Shapes Using Gravitational Search AlgorithmModares Mechanical EngineeringM. Hoseynipoor, M. Malek Jafarian, A. Safavinejad
Introduction of Harmony Search Algorithm for Aerodynamic Shape Optimization Using the Navier-Stokes EquationJournal of Applied and Computational Sciences in MechanicsF. Jalili, M. Malek Jafarian, A. Safavinejad
Energy and Exergy Analysis and Optimization of a Cogeneration System based on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell for Residential ApplicationsJournal of Solid and Fluid MechanicsM.A. Farzad, H. Hassanzadeh, A. Safavinejad, M.R. Agaebrahimi
Introduction of an improved Harmony Search Optimization Algorithm for investigating of Airfoil Parameterization Methods and Aerodynamics optimizationAmirkabir Journal of Science & Research (Mechanical Engineering)F. Jalili, M. Malek Jafarian, A. Safavinejad
Analysis the Influence of Air Outlet Opening’s Location in an Industrial Environment with High Temperature Radiant Heaters on Uniformity of Thermal Conditions and Distribution of the Contaminant in Presence of Asymmetric Flow FieldJournal of Solid and Fluid MechanicsM. Aminzadeh, A. Safavinejad, A. Zolfaghari
Performance analysis of single and couple radiant heaters under asymmetric flow field for providing uniform conditions in an industrial environmentModares Mechanical EngineeringM. Aminzadeh, A. Safavinejad, A. Zolfaghari
Inverse estimation of boundary conditions with forced convection heat transfer in two dimensional channelHeat and Mass TransferM. Shafipour, A.Safavinejad, M. Abbas Zadeh
Optimal Search of Heat Sources Location in Conjugate Natural Convection with Surface Radiation in a Two-Dimensional Enclosure Utilizing Particle Swarm Optimization AlgorithmJournal of Solid and Fluid MechanicsM. A. Dashti, A. Safavinejad
Spectral radiative entropy generation in a non-gray planar participating medium including H2O and CO2Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative TransferA. Bahrami, A.Safavinejad, H. Amiri
An Equilibrium Thermodynamics Investigation on Influence of Magnetic Field Work on Molar Fraction of Main Products of Methane–Air ReactionTabriz J. Mech. EngA.Saeedi, J. Khadem, H.Raznahan
Numerical modeling of magnetic field effects on flame shape, temperature and CO2, CO and NO emission of laminar diffusion combustion of methaneAmirkabir Journal of Mechanical EngineeringAli Saeedi, Alireza Jafari Beinabaj, Javad Khadem
Effects of Adding Gaseous Soot and Methane Incomplete Combustion Products on Detailed Chemical Kinetics Combustion of Methane and PollutantsAmirkabir Journal of Mechanical EngineeringA. Saeedi, R. Jalali Mehrabad
Study the Effects of Uniform Magnetic Fields and Pressures on the Concentration of Main Species of Methane CombustionAmirkabir Journal of Mechanical EngineeringA. Saeed, J. Khade, H. Raznahan
Kinetic Effect of Carbon Particle Size on Species Emmisions and Characteristics of Methan-Soot CombustionEnergy Engineering & ManagementSaeedi A., R. Jalali Mehrabad
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Inlet Air Swirl Angle Effects on Temperature Profile and CO, NO PollutantsEnergy Engineering & ManagementPoorhoseinni H, Saeedi A, Moghiman M
Influence of Gradient Magnetic Field on Quenching and Elongating Diffusion FlameInternational Journal of Innovation in Science and MathematicsA. Saeedi, M. Moghiman
Kerosene Wick Lamp Flame Deformation in Gradient Magnetic FieldsApplied Physics LettersA. Saeedi, M. Moghiman
Experimental and numerical study on the effect of soot injection on NOx reduction and radiation enhancement in a natural gas turbulent flameArabian Journal for Science and EngineeringS.H. Pourhoseini, A. Saeedi, M. Moghiman
Modification of Arrhenius Model for Numerical Modelling of Turbulent FlamesJournal of Basic and Applied Scientific ResearchGhodrat Ghassabi, Ali Saeedi, Mohammad Moghiman