Analysis of Priorities in Urban Management: Evidence from Mashhad Metropolis

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نشریهInternational Journal of Economic Perspectives
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نوع مقالهFull Paper
تاریخ انتشار2019
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نوع نشریهالکترونیکی
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In recent years, urban management in Mashhad Metropolis has face with different challenges. In the meantime, diagnose and prioritize these problems has a fundamentally important. In order to, the aim of this research is analysis the priorities of urban management in the Mashhad metropolis using strategic approaches. To obtain this goal, it was used for descriptive- analytical studies, documentary and questionnaire in the frame of Delphi model and software analyzes. In order to, after holding the initial discussion sessions with 30 academic elites and executive’s managers of Mashhad city as research statistical society, there were identified 16 variables in the frame of 6 general classifications. In continuous, the primary variables were defined in the Mic Mac strategic study software’s in the context of amidst cross impact methods. Then, it was asked from the statistical society to assess the variables in term of the direct, indirect and potential influence- dependence rates from the range 0 (null) to 3 (strong influence). The results showed that the obtained fill rate is equal to 96.85% with two data iteration which it represents the high level of variables influencing on each other. Also, by considering the results, we can understand that the WL5 variable with 34 total number of rows scores had the most direct impact on other variables and WL3 with 21610 total number of column score had the highest rate of indirect impact on other variables.

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tags: Strategic Approaches; Mic Mac Analyses;