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1COMPARISON OF GROWTH AND YIELD OF ROSELLE IN TRANSPLANTING AND DIRECT-SOWING METHODSHamidreza Fallahi، Morteza Ghorbany، mAHSA Aghhavani-Shajari، Amir hasan Asadian، Kobra Arabsalehi، Narges Fani kheshtiپنجمین کنگره گیاهان دارویی2016/05/18 - 2016/05/19
2IMPROVEMENT OF YIELD AND WATER USE EFFICIENCY OF ROSELLE MEDICINAL PLANT BY MYCORRHIZAL INOCULATIONHamidreza Fallahi، Morteza Ghorbany، Mahsa Aghhavani-Shajari، Amir hasan Asadian، Narges Fani kheshti، Kobra Arabsalehiپنجمین کنگره گیاهان دارویی2016/05/18 - 2016/05/19
3Development embryogenic suspension culture of cucumis meloAmir hasan Asadian، ،4th International Cucurbitaceae Symposium Changsha2009/09/21 - 2009/09/26
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