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1Interpretive Structural Model of Competitiveness Indicators in Travel and Tourism Case Study of South KhorasanMohammad Eskandarisani،6th cactus conference contemporary approches and challenges of tourism sustainability2017/05/10 - 2017/07/10
2Crisis management Crisis of Urmia lakes water and its environmental consequencesMohammad Eskandarisani، Elaheh Davoodianپیامدهای جفرافیایی و زیست محیطی وضعیت دریاچه ارومیه2016/11/23 - 2016/11/24
3evalution of urban sustainable development in urban area using multi ceriria desionMohammad Eskandarisani، alizadeh arash، hoseni omidکنفرانس بین المللی عمران، معماری و منظر شهری2016/07/28 - 2016/07/28
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